Notes on my family

‘Louise Coulson is a person aged thirteen and a half. She likes to be left to her own devices....
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Welcome to my website. Please take a look around. I am a writer living in North London.

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'A warm, witty and moving look at one complicated family and the girl at the heart of it. Full of sincerity, intelligence and hope.’

- Anna James, a case for books.

Emily Critchley

Ten things I’d like my readers to know about me

‘Ten things I’d like my readers to know about me’ was published on Female First, August 2018. 1. I wanted to write a humorous novel about the absurdity of ordinary suburban lives. I decided to write from the perspective of a unique thirteen year-old girl called Lou. I set Notes on My Family in Essex, in the town where…

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Writing Crossover Fiction
Thoughts on writing

Writing Crossover Fiction

Writing crossover fiction first appeared on The Literary Sofa.   When I began writing Notes on My Family I wasn’t thinking about whether I was writing a book for adults, or YA fiction, or a crossover novel. I was simply writing a novel. I knew I wanted to write a darkly humorous book about a dysfunctional family living a seemingly…

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Bristol teen book award

Bristol Teen Book Award 2018

Notes on My Family has been shortlisted for the Bristol Teen Book Award and I’m so thrilled. It’s hugely important and significant for me to have been shortlisted for an award that celebrates diversity in teen fiction. Lou is an outsider who isn’t fitting in well at school. She sees the world differently to others. Neurodiversity is something I believe all…

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Notes on My Family
Thoughts on writing

Writing Notes on My Family

I started writing Notes on My Family in 2015. I was at university, studying Creative Writing. I had always written but it wasn’t until I went to university that I began to take my writing more seriously. I knew I wanted to write a novel. I love children’s literature, teen fiction, and coming of age stories so writing from the…

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