I’m delighted to share an opportunity with you that I hope you’re going to enjoy. This January, I’ll be running the Write Mentor West London weekend writing workshop.

Join me on the 4/5th of January in gorgeous West London where I’ll be presenting on various topics, including writing MG and YA fiction, beginnings, story structure, accessing creativity, making time to write and how to hone your craft. The weekend will be crammed full of tips and prompts to help you create characters and stories young readers will fall in love with. You’ll get a pack to take away with you, time for your own writing, advice from two industry experts and plenty of inspiration in order to ensure 2020 is the year you write that awesome book.

Lunch will be taken care of along with lots of tea, Danish pastries, and cake (obviously).


Creative Writing workshopCreative Writing workshop London  Writing workshop

All you’ll need to bring along is your fabulous self, a note-pad, pen or laptop, an open mind and a desire to write. 

Along with my presentations, they’ll be time for your own writing, feedback sessions and, of course, plenty of opportunities for you to ask me questions about writing and publishing. 

On top of all that, on Sunday afternoon you’ll get a 10/15 minute 1-2-1 with a real live agent, yep one of those rare and mythical creatures, usually hidden behind their slush piles.

I want 2020 to be the year of your writing and my aim is to give you all the info you need to get you started and inspired to begin your book, and your regular writing practise. I want you to walk away from your Write Mentor workshop on Sunday afternoon buzzing with ideas and all fired-up about getting started on your book for children or young adults. 

On Saturday morning I’ll be giving a brief overview of Middle Grade and Young Adult fiction. We’ll talk about categories in order to get you thinking about what kind of writer you are and where your work might fit. Then we’ll discuss what makes a jaw-dropping beginning and how those first five pages are so important. We’ll look at creating character, and then you’ll have some free writing time. Yay! Your free writing time, by the way, is yours. This means you can work on writing or editing an existing project or begin something new. I’ll be providing worksheets and prompts for anyone that needs them. 

On Saturday afternoon, I’ll be talking about story and storytelling. We’ll discuss structure, including inciting incidents, messy middles and resolutions that’ll blow your reader’s socks off. I’ll be talking about what we can take from screenwriting when it comes to planning or writing a book and how to push ahead when you’re feeling stuck. No more writer’s block, hurray!

On Sunday morning we’ll be getting down to the nitty gritty super-practical notion of craft. I’ll be talking about why practise really does make perfect (or at least better), sharing my tips on finding time to write, getting the words down, and why we should value deep work. We’ll be looking at some of the weird and wonderful rituals of the writers who have gone before us and working out what might work for us. 

On Sunday afternoon we’ll throw craft, categories and structure out of the window (ha, just kidding, kind of…) and discuss Creativity. I’ll be talking about giving yourself permission, finding courage, dreaming big and why it’s sometimes okay just to make it up as you go along. 

Then you’ll get a chance to talk with my rather wonderful, hardworking, super-human agent (and also author!) Chloe Seager from Madeleine Milburn literary agency. 

All of this packed into one weekend! 

Think: immersive, creative, interesting, sharp, focused, informative, inspiring – two full days on investing in your writing, your creativity and your craft. No interruptions and distractions, just you learning and taking pleasure and enjoyment in your work. 

I can’t wait to meet you on our information-packed, inspirational ‘dream big’ weekend and hear all about your writing. 

I’ve asked that places be limited as I want to be able to give you all the attention you deserve and for us to have time for plenty of questions and group discussions. January might seem a long way away but our spaces are filling quickly. 

On the booking page you’ll see you have the option to book the whole weekend or just one day. Either way, I’d love to see you there.

Give yourself something to look forward to and start your 2020 writing year with a bang. 

Book now with Write Mentor HERE: https://write-mentor.com/product/london-west-ealing-writementor-writing-weekend-workshops/



Emily Critchley Author