Notes on my family

‘Louise Coulson is a person aged thirteen and a half. She likes to be left to her own devices....
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Welcome to my website. Please take a look around. I am a writer living in North London.

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'A warm, witty and moving look at one complicated family and the girl at the heart of it. Full of sincerity, intelligence and hope.’

- Anna James, a case for books.

Notes on My Family with condiments

October – December 2017

Hello! It’s a wet and windy evening here and I’ve only been back in a London a few days. I want to wish you a very happy New Year. I can’t believe it’s nearly 2018. These last few months have been busy ones for me and I wanted to do a quick round-up before January. My younger sister, Lydia, married…

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Embracing winter

Embracing winter and making peace with Christmas

So often November and December seem to be all about Christmas as opposed the seasonal shift. From the end of October to the day itself, Christmas seems to be everywhere, telling us what we ought to be doing, thinking and feeling. Don’t you want more stuff? and, Aren’t you having fun? is what this time of year screams at us….

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On Writing Notes on my Family

On Writing Notes on my Family

I began writing Notes on My Family during the final year of my undergraduate degree. I studied Creative Writing at London Metropolitan University. I knew I wanted to write something very different to anything I had attempted before. I wanted to write in the present tense, for the novel to be fast paced and for there to be a sense…

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